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GNA Call for Nominations for Elections

Call for Nominations

The time has come for us to nominate the individuals who will be candidates for the new GNA Board of Directors! The Board of Directors is the governing body of the association, responsible for the ultimate direction of the management of the affairs of the organization. The board is responsible for all organizational policymaking.


We hope that you will consider taking advantage of the opportunity to play an active role in shaping the direction of the Georgia Nurses Association for years to come.


The Georgia Nurses Association Nominating Committee is seeking names of suggested nominees from the GNA Membership for the 2017 state ballot. Each office is for a two-year term beginning at the end of the 2017 GNA Membership Assembly and ending at the end of the Membership Assembly in 2019. Please note that any full (ANA/GNA) member in good standing is eligible for all elected offices in GNA. Any state (GNA) member in good standing is eligible for the following elected or appointed positions at the state level: Director Staff Nurse; one (1) member of the Nominating Committee.

Please obtain oral consent from the individual before submitting the name to the Nominations Committee. The deadline for submission to the Nominations Committee is May 1, 2017. GNA members may also self-nominate. Please complete the Elections Willing to Run Form (PDF) and submit all nominations along with your contact information and the contact information of your nominee to or fax to 404-325-0407, ATTN: Elections.

As provided in the GNA Bylaws the offices to be elected in 2017 are:

1. President-elect and ANA Representative
2. President-elect shall run as ANA Representative in the second year he/she is serving as president-elect.
3. Secretary and First Alternate ANA Representative
4. Treasurer and Second Alternate ANA Representative
5. Director – Leadership Development & Third Alternate ANA Representative
6. Director – Advanced Practice Registered Nurse
7. Director – Legislation/Public Policy
8. Director – Membership Development
9. Director – Nursing Practice and Advocacy
10. Director – Staff Nurse
11. Chair Nominating Committee
12. Four Members – Nominating Committee 


3032 Briarcliff Road
Atlanta, GA., 30329-2655


P: (404) 325-5536
F: (404) 325-0407

Office Hours: 

M-F, 9:00AM- 4:30PM

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